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The sport of Candlepins is a bowling game unique to New England and the Canadian Maritime Provinces. First played in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1880, Candlepin Bowling is an exciting skillful sport, requiring minimal physical strength while demanding great timing, dexterity and patience from each participant. Candlepin bowling is enjoyed by the young and old, the strong and the handicapped, by boys and girls, men and women.

It is indeed a sport for all people. That is what prompted the formation of the International Candlepin Bowling Association. The I.C.B.A. is an umbrella organization that consist of delegates from each State and Provincial Association. Its members see Candlepin Bowling as a part of history and wish to ensure its future.

One of the goals of the I.C.B.A. is to unify the sport so that Candlepin Bowlers will be bowling under the same conditions and rules no matter where they bowl.

Welcome to the sport of Candlepins!

Updated by The International Candlepin Bowling Association
June 7, 2005

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