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The Big 20 Bowling Center
382 U.S. Route 1
Scarborough, ME
(207) 883.2131
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The  Big 20 Bowling Center
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DOWNED PINS - DEADWOOD LINE: All downed pins, called wood, remaining on the lane entirely behind the deadwood line are live and playable. Those touching or forward (toward the bowler) of the deadwood line are dead and shall be removed. Wood shall be judged live or dead only after it has stopped moving.

QUESTIONABLE DEADWOOD:Any questionable deadwood shall be removed by a designated official.

PIN - PIT AREA: A pin that sticks up out of the pit area is not playable.

WOOD - ACROSS PLATE AND GUTTER: Where wood is partly on the plate or lane and partly in the gutter, the ball must make fair contact with the wood while the ball is still touching the lane for any pins downed to count in the scoring.

BALL HITS DEADWOOD IN GUTTER AND CORNER PIN: If a ball makes contact with wood in the gutter (deadwood) at the same time as making fair contact with a corner pin or playable wood, the pins downed by such action shall count.

DOUBLE DEADWOOD IN THE GUTTER: When there is a double deadwood in the gutter, it shall remain.

REBOUNDING PINS: Pins knocked down by pins rebounding from the sidewall, machine, rear cushion or any other object in the deck or pit area shall count as pins down.

PIN DOWNED, THEN STAND UP: If a downed pin is caused to stand erect again in the playing area, it shall be judged as down and shall remain on the lane to be played as wood.

PINS THAT FALL AFTER THE RESET BUTTON IS PRESSED or the pinsetter sweep is in motion shall not count.

MOVING WOOD: A bowler must wait until all wood has halted motion under penalty of foul. (Pins felled by ball shall not count). However, if the wood has apparently stopped rolling and then starts rolling again while the player is in the act of delivering the ball, or while the ball is in motion, there shall be no penalty.

PINS FALL BEFORE FAIR CONTACT: If a pin or pins fall after the ball is fairly delivered but before making fair contact, the following shall apply:
     1. ON FIRST BALL: The bowler resets and is entitled to three balls in the frame.
     2. ON SECOND BALL AND OR THIRD BALL: Bowler is credited with making fair contact.
(Example) Bowler knocks down nine pins with the first ball. Second ball is fairly delivered but before making fair contact, pins fall. Bowler is credited with spare.

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Big 20
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