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The Big 20 Bowling Center
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(207) 883.2131
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The  Big 20 Bowling Center
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GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: All bowlers are expected at all times to exercise the highest standards of sportsmanship.

QUESTIONABLE INCIDENTS: Whenever there is a question of the validity of any incident and no official is present good sportsmanship dictates that the bowler be given the benefit of the doubt.

WRONG LANE OR OUT OF TURN: If a bowler rolls on the wrong lane or out of turn, he shall complete the frame and the pins downed shall be credited to his score. Then he shall move to the correct lane or position.

LATE ARRIVALS: Any bowlers arriving after the first bowler on their team begins their sixth frame, cannot complete in that string, but they may be allowed to compete in subsequent strings to be played.

NON-BOWLERS IN BOWLING AREA: In a match or league game, no spectators or substitutes other than scorers will be allowed in the bowling area.

EVERYONE EXCEPT BOWLER MUST BE SEATED: The scorer and all players, other than those actually bowling, must be seated.

MECHANICAL PROBLEMS: When one machine on a pair of lanes "breaks down" during a league match or in any tournament, the bowlers will continue to roll alternately on one lane until the machine is again in operation. Any teams finishing late due to slow bowlers or machine breakdowns, must spread out as soon as there are other lanes available.

EVERY GAME MUST BE COMPLETED before another may be started.

RIGHT OF WAY: In the event of a controversy in a game as to which bowler shall roll first, the one on the right lane shall have the right of way and roll first.

PRACTICE OR WARM-UP BALLS: No practice or warm-up balls will be allowed any bowler while he or she is involved in a match or roll-off. (penalty of forfeit string).

LEAGUE MATCHES: League matches shall take no longer than two hours to complete. This provides for ten individuals bowling three strings each or 30 strings per pair of lanes.
     a. There must be two bowlers on each pair of lanes, regardless of slow bowlers or absent bowlers.

PLAYER REPLACEMENT: All player replacement must be done at the completion of a string regardless of the circumstances. Should any bowler be unable to complete the string, the average of the number of boxes or league / tournament average will be used. The lesser of the two will be counted.
(Example) (A) has a 40 in the 5th box and league average of 90. Divide five (5) into 40 equals eight average per box by 10 boxes, the bowler will receive 80 for that string. (B) same as above except bowler is 60 in the 5th averaging 12 per box, therefore the bowlers average of 90 or 9 per box would be used giving that bowler 60 for 5 boxes already bowled, plus 45 for five boxes not bowled and a total of 105 for the string.

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Big 20
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