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FAIRLY DELIVERED BALL: A ball is fairly delivered when in its forward motion it touches the playing area before the 10ft. lob line. (Playing area also includes approach area). Any ball delivered otherwise is deemed a foul.

FAIR CONTACT: A ball shall be considered to have made fair contact only when it strikes a standing pin or playable wood before it (the ball) leaves the lane. A ball otherwise shall be considered foul and shall suffer the same penalties as for a GUTTER BALL.

BALL REST ON PLATE: If a ball for any reason comes to rest on the plate, it must be removed by authorized personnel designated by the bowling establishment.

REBOUNDING BALLS: Should any ball, after making fair contact, for any reason rebound from any object on the deck or pit area, the pins so downed shall count in the scoring. If the ball did not make fair contact, the pins shall not count in the score.

GUTTER BALL: If a ball leaves the lane without making fair contact and comes back knocking down pins, the pins downed by that ball shall not count in the scoring. Only pins downed by fair contact shall count.
    a. If the first ball is foul and comes back to down pins, the pins shall be reset, the bowler shall forfeit that ball and count only the pins downed fairly with the next two balls. (The first ball is considered foul even if no pins are downed by it).
    b. If the first and second balls are foul and come back to knock down pins, the pins shall be reset after each ball, the bowler forfeits both balls and shall count only the pins downed by the third ball.
     c. If the first and third balls are foul, but the second is fair. The player will score only the pins fairly downed by the second ball.
     d. If all three balls are foul. The player will score zero for the frame.
     e. If the first ball is fair and the second and or third ball(s) is/are foul. The pins shall not be reset. The player will forfeit all pins downed by the foul ball or balls and score only those downed by the balls that were fair. If no pins are left standing by the foul action of the second ball, the player shall score only the pins downed by t
he first ball.
     f. Bonus balls rolled in the gutter on a strike or a spare:
On strike:
     1. First ball is foul, reset pins, if necessary, the bowler shall forfeit that ball and count only pins downed fairly by the second ball.
     2 .Both bonus balls foul, score zero for bonus.

On spare.
    1.First ball is foul, bowler scores zero for bonus.

EXTRA BALLS: Rolling extra balls in any frame will constitute a foul. Penalty of a zero for frame.

BOWLERS DROPPING BOWLING BALLS DELIBERATELY on the approach shall be warned and if a second offense occurs, the bowler shall be penalized under the deliberate foul rule.

Big 20

Big 20
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