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I am interested in the Junior Bowling Program. I will be present for the Clinic on Sept 15th, or on Sept 22nd for the first week of bowling. (If you can’t make the first week, we’d still love to have you join at ANY TIME. There is always a place for any junior bowler at the Big 20.

BOWLER’S NAME ____________________________ AGE _________ BOY ___ GIRL ___

ADDRESS ____________________________________ SCHOOL _____________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME ______________________ PHONE ______________________

FREE CLINIC:  Yes     No

Please return this form to the Big 20 at 382 US Route 1 in Scarborough, or Mail to : The Big 20, PO BOX 1005, Scarborough, ME 04070-1005, or call us at 883-2131 to Register. Walk-ins of busy parents are also more than welcome on the day bowling starts.