10th Annual

Christo Anton Memorial

Mixed Teams Tournament




SATURDAY, May 20th, @ NOON


FORMAT: Best 5 of 7 Strings

2 Men, 2 Women  95% Handicap to 140

COST: $45/bowler ($180/Team)

Estimated Prize List (based on 16 Teams)

$100 Hi Single Each String (Max 1 win/team)

1st  $1000  2nd  $500

3rd  $400 4th  $300



** Prize pool is determined by total entries, final pool may differ from advertised. Entries limited to first 18 teams

** Average used will be the bowler’s highest known average from any source as of April 30th, 2017 with at least 30 games bowled. It is the bowler’s responsibility to accurately provide average information. Failure to use highest known average will result in immediate disqualification and forfeit of all entry fees.

** Ties for any money position will result in the prize being equally spilt amongst all tied teams.



Call Entries into Big 20 @ 883-2131


Email to